Preschool 1

The Preschool 1 area is a lovely space for children rising 3.

Sand, water, playdough and a creative workshop are on offer in the main room for this age group to explore, as well as a wide selection of games and toys and of course a quieter area for cuddles and stories.

There are further rooms available for adult led focused activities or sensory materials to be explored. These focused activities will be planned for the specific needs of the children and may be, for example, a small group activity to support language development. It has been recognised nationally that children’s language development is a little delayed due to the effects of covid 19 and families having to isolate. We have addressed this issue at Mountford House by providing these quieter areas for specific activities as well as allowing lots of time for songs, rhymes and stories on a daily basis.

The children in this room will also take part in exciting weekly ‘Rattle and Roll’ music sessions and calming Yoga sessions; to encourage listening skills and give children the tools to help deal with their emotions. The children will also have the opportunity to learn new skills through cooking.

To support their physical development the preschool 1 children have all year access to a large outdoor space with rubber crumb coating to enable the use of trikes, scooters and ride on toys. There is also a large lawn with a slide, climbing frame and a lovely vegetable patch.